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I would love to get a subscription service for video!!!

Like Netflix, I would love to pay a flat fee for all-you-can-consume video service

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    Tim KTim K shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    TimTim shared a merged idea: Hi How about with a flat rate for Xbox video currently I am with Netflix but I would immediately switch to xbox video if they would offer a  ·   · 
    Draven “Xarcell” VestattDraven “Xarcell” Vestatt shared a merged idea: Subscription Based Channels  ·   · 
    RonnicRonnic shared a merged idea: Make an Xbox Video Subscription  ·   · 
    Cristi DogaruCristi Dogaru shared a merged idea: Universal Music + Video Pass  ·   · 
    under review  ·  CameronCameron responded  · 

    Thanks for the suggestion! I am passing this on to our team for review.


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      • Draven “Xarcell” VestattDraven “Xarcell” Vestatt commented  · 

        I would like to see an option to subscribe to a channel for less than $10 a month. I hate the cable/satellite companies that makes me pay for things I won't watch. Let these companies partner with Xbox Video and use it as a hub for subscribing to Channels. Eventually this would create channel pricing competitiveness and the networks would reduce costs competitively as more channels became available. However, I would want to be able to watch content commercial free and watch I want, when I want, rather than a scheduled programming.

      • Dan CDan C commented  · 

        They would be fools to not revisit the pricing structure after sling tv becomes available

      • WevenhuisWevenhuis commented  · 

        Definitely subscription based. It's just too hard for me to justify the 30-40 dollar subscriptions per tv show, whilst I can see more for less money with netflix. Granted many shows are newer on xbox video, that makes the service potentially tempting to use and watch. I think I can justify paying a kind of premium for guaranteed high quality or high definition tv shows with good audio and video settings options (such as changing audio quality, undertitling and aspect ratio). But not a premium of 30-40 dollars per show. I think double the subscrition price of neflix would be fair.

      • noldenolde commented  · 

        Please offer a Video pass

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would definitely pay for this. Amazon is doing with Prime, Netflix is obvious. HBO is going to let their content be accessible outside of cable, presumably with a subscription plan.

        I realize the movies Xbox has would require a higher price than the bargain price Netflix charge, but then again you see that in their content.

        I'd be willing to pay much more for Xbox Video than Netflix.

      • HaydenHayden commented  · 

        Xbox video has so many good things going for it. I enjoy the service but $7 to rent a video.... Come on man.. Make it a subscription based service. Leave the ability to purchase to own content and make sure that content can be downloaded to play offline. If Microsoft could do this and KEEP the good content it has available on xbox video I would cancel Netflix and Hulu and maybe call directv and tell them to sit on it and spin. $30-$50 a month I would do it in a heartbeat. There's so much money to be made in this. $5millionish xbox ones out there.... More will be out there in the future... You guys could make a killing and make people flock to the xbox brand. Do it please or some iteration of it at least..

      • Brian VickersBrian Vickers commented  · 

        This would be a nice addition to Xbox Music. I think Xbox should go for the more "premium route" in comparison to Netflix. An Xbox Movie Pass for $20-30 per month and an Xbox TV Pass for $35-50 per month would definitely be awesome as long as it had a lot of content (hopefully every content provider would get on board), offline support, live TV support (local news, news, etc.), and reasonably priced sports packages. If Microsoft has to charge a premium fee to upgrade to HBO and other more premium channels then so be it as long as its reasonably priced and available. Netflix provides so much more value than traditional tv for a fraction of the cost. The only problem is that it doesn't have a vast selection of new/premium content. Charging more money could fix that.

      • JaromirJaromir commented  · 

        Please please, make this happen!!! Lot of people are forced to pirate movies (because of lack of service which can bring all series for reasonable price and also with subtitles - English/maybe ability to load .srt)

      • Juris StabiņšJuris Stabiņš commented  · 

        Xbox Video Pass would be a great feature and companion to Xbox Music Pass. I definitely want to see this feature and would most certainly subscribe if the prices were on-par with what competitors can offer.

      • derekderek commented  · 

        Take it a step further. Xbox live all access.

        Xbox music pass
        Xbox video pass
        Xbox Games pass (game streaming service)

        Bundle like $60/year for 1, $110 for 2, $150 for all three.

        They wouldn't be able to take my money fast enough.

      • FingleberriesFingleberries commented  · 

        This would be brilliant and something to which I would / could subscribe.

      • Tyler WassonTyler Wasson commented  · 

        Love this idea, the whole reason I came to this site. Enjoy the video streaming subscription service but purchase all my movies from Xbox. Would love to Xbox with the best of both worlds. Another feature I like on Amazon video service is the ability to add a movie to your watch list whether you own it or not.

      • Ismael Martinez JimenezIsmael Martinez Jimenez commented  · 

        100% agree. This is a necessary carasteristica the truth. Even be able to join various Rubik type Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Xbox Gold. I paid happy, now leaves more profitable other app like for example Wuaki.TV

        +1 Agree now :D

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Wow, buying certain channels that we want instead of the bundled crape Sky (UK) gives us would make the One a mega valuable purchase.

        It would be so perfect if I could simply purchase Sky Atlantic (UK version of HBO), Syfy, Sky 1 and the other channels I watch shows from.

        On demand is the future, MS needs to get on this immediately.

      • Nathan WeaverNathan Weaver commented  · 

        This is the one of the biggest things I really, really want for XBOX Video. It's a great service, really like what you have going. But would love to see a Subscription model that was the same as your Music model. One payment gives you access to all content. I recognize this formula would be a hard one to get, because no one in the industry currently has it. Usually, it's subscription gets you some stuff (mostly older or unpopular) and you have to rent/buy stuff that is new. But I would love to see something very similar to the XBOX Music setup. Simply pay one fee, have access to all, and ability for offline viewing to boot (like I can with XBOX Music on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8). It would be a killer model, but even if you couldn't do that and could only do a model similar to Redbox Instant (subscription/rent/buy), I would be game for that as well. The streaming is top notch, even on my lousy home connection which often runs between 200-500kbps.

      • raprooraproo commented  · 

        man if you guys could give us feeds to only the channels we want. like an a la carte cable it would truly make the One stand out. I'd jump right on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Nat Geo, Discovery, SyFy, and probably a few more. It'd have to be WAY less than cable/sat fees for subscribing per channel to the premiums though. Something on the order of $1-3/channel... GenNuWine makes a good point to, if you added video to the $20/mo music pass we'd sign up, both of these ideas would need to be shareable within the family though. not per gamertag like it is now. so that anyone with the right login info can stream to their phone, computer, or xbox signed in as themselves.

      • GenNuWineGenNuWine commented  · 

        Ouch @ $20 a month, and doesn't matter. A subscription would be nice but I'd like to have it combined. I'm not aware of anyone offering a subscription that includes music and video. I already have a music pass, adding video to it would be great. Kind of like Amazon did with Prime. I got it for the 2 day shipping and then later I was able to start watching movies, TV shows, and had free online storage space. If Amazon can add to a service I'm already paying for, I'm sure Microsoft can also. :-)

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